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Royal  Suprema seamless siding

Both the siding industry and Franzoso Contracting of Westchester have come a long way since then, and a lot can be credited to the siding industry... namely, the Royal Suprema seamless series. In designing the Suprema Series, Royal created a solid vinyl siding that excels in every respect. Manufactured with Royal's Duratm Technology, this highly durable vinyl siding is 50% thicker than conventional sidings and exceeds industry impact standards by 198%.

Another unique characteristic is the remarkable woodlike finish, which replicates the natural look of a painted wood surface. Additionally, Royal's positive locking system ensures each panel snaps together firmly for a tight, secure fit.

Why Royal's Suprema Seamless Vinyl Siding? seams of course!

      It's a measurable difference...
   They've gone to great lengths to create a siding that is over three times longer than conventional panels. Suprema measures 40 feet, to give you a beautiful seamless finish. The difference is impressive, to say the least. Year after year, season after season, Royal ® Solid Vinyl Siding performs like no other. Royal Siding protects the hard-earned investment you've made in your home. Covering your home with Royal Solid Vinyl Siding can increase its market value.

   With Dura Technology, Royal Solid Vinyl Siding resists denting. Your home is protected from day-to-day punishment. Unexpected impacts won't cause your siding to chip, peel or flake. Unlike painted or coated products, the color in Royal Vinyl Siding is solid throughout the product. Royal offers a wide selection of siding choices to meet your needs and budget. All of our siding products come complete with a beautiful selection of dependable accessories in an array of matching or contrasting colors.

Their Exclusive Technology

   The key to the Dura Technology Process is ROYALSIDE compound, a proven blend of the world's finest raw materials. This blend with our exclusive DURA impact modifiers and premium ingredients form the base for a tougher, longer lasting siding.

Royal Puts Its Siding To The Test

   But we don't stop there. We put our siding through a rigid battery of tests to make sure it will perform where it counts most on your home. In fact, no other vinyl siding manufacturer puts its products through these grueling tests:

The Impact Test

Royal's impact test is first performed at 73F (23C). Then, the siding is frozen to 32F (0C) to simulate harsh weather conditions and a second impact test is performed. This results in a vinyl siding product that exceeds the ASTM industry impact standards by an average of 150%.

The Shear Test

   To ensure your siding withstands the test of time, a shear test is performed. Both the shears and siding are frozen to 14F (-10C) then the siding is cut into sections. The purpose of this test is to ensure your vinyl siding maintains its rigidity under the most severe weather conditions.


The Flex Test

A flex test bends the siding almost 180 to ensure you get a tougher, longer-lasting siding. What's even more striking about this test, is that it is performed at 32F (0C) to ensure our siding maintains its structural integrity under the harshest weather conditions.

   If Royal Siding can pass the extremes of these three tests, imagine how well it will perform on your home. Year after year, season after season, solid vinyl siding made by Royal Building Products stands the test of time. Covered by the Royal, fully transferable lifetime non-prorated warranty and or unconditional lifetime workmanship guarantee.

Royal Seamless Siding colors (click on buttons)





Blue Gray






is available exclusively through
Franzoso Contracting

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All that glitters is not gold. The sun may light up your home adding warmth and charm, but at the same time, it slowly drains away the vitality of your home's exterior. Paint cracks, peels and blisters. Wood warps. Stucco crumbles and most of today's vinyl sidings fade into oblivion. The enemy? Damaging UV rays. Which is why you need the professional level of protection of Infinity Seamless Vinyl Siding. It's your best defense against the sun. 
  • Heavier, Longer, Stronger
  • .050 Panel (50% Thicker than Box Siding)
  • Won't Chip, Buckle, Dent, or Split
  • Heavier, Longer, Stronger
  • Exceeds Industry Standard by 198%
  • Classic, Contemporary Colors

Series Colors

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Patented Sure-Grip System
(Patent # 5.150.555)

A Franzoso exclusive in Westchester County!

Sure-Grip Clip System, siding is anchored, not hung. The Sure-Grip Clip system can be used on any brand, size of siding. The exclusive system allows for the expansion and contraction which eliminates buckling and waving forever.

At Franzoso Contracting all of our 25' panels are anchored with the Sure-Grip Clip System, something our competitors just can't offer.

Sure Grip Hanging Sysytem

Superior Materials, Superior Results
Preservation Premium Siding is Designed and Manufactured to Give You the Ultimate in Easy-Care Living.

Unique UltraBeam™ Panel Design
An 0.50" Nominal Thickness for Optimum Performance

NY New York Siding|Westchester siding|Putnam siding|Contractors|Repair|Installation|Sales|Hardiplank and Certainteed certified dealer installerLet us help you put a new face on the home you're in! Vinyl siding provides enduring beauty and design flexibility, and Franzoso Contracting carries the top name in the industry, Preservation Super Premium Insulated Vinyl Siding. Preservation Super Premium insulated vinyl siding comes in many colors and is one of the thickest(0.50 Nominal Thickness) and most structurally sound products on the market today. Don’t settle for less, put on the best!

Some vinyl siding has had a reputation for being flimsy, which not only made it awkward to handle and install, but caused problems with sagging and uneven walls long after installation. That's why we developed our unique UltraBeam™ system. The
UltraBeam design helps eliminate wavy lines and uneven walls, and produces superior
finished quality that lasts.

Rolled-edge Nail Hem for Maximum Wind Resistance
Mother Nature can be vicious, so your siding has to be ready for the worst. Preservation Siding provides superior wind resistance protection thanks to its .100” thick rolled-edge nail hem. It’s been proven to withstand the shearing force of catastrophic, category 5 hurricane-level winds.

Meticulous Craftsmanship for Outstanding Aesthetic Appeal
Preservation Siding captures the deep, luxurious shadow lines of natural wood siding. It features two magnificent surface textures - natural oak grain or a subtle matte finish - available in a wide variety of architectural colors.

Easy Maintenance
Premium materials and advanced manufacturing assure Preservation Siding won't warp, rot or peel. We guarantee it.* Even better, its weather-resistant construction never needs sanding, staining or painting. A simple wash with a garden hose restores like-new beauty.

Exclusive ClimaShield contoured insulation fits the siding panel like a glove, filling in the spaces between the siding and exterior wall sheathing.

Exclusive ClimaShield™ Underlayment.
A Complete Exterior Wall Insulation System.

What do you see when you place uninstalled vinyl siding on a flat surface? Numerous pockets of space. Space for the siding to give or bow, making it more susceptible to denting. Space for air and noise to move unobstructed through your exterior walls.

ClimaShield™ contoured underlayment is a specially engineered insulating foam. It literally fits your Preservation Siding like a glove to perfectly fill in the spaces the siding and exterior wall sheathing. Coupling ClimaShield underlayment with Preservation Siding delivers a number of performance-enhancing benefits to your exterior walls.

Energy Savings
Tests have proven that contoured underlayments deliver up to four times the R-value of most commonly used underlayments, and ClimaShield delivers the highest R-value of any product of its type on the market. It is performance that helps make Preservation Siding an integral part of the Home Sealing Package with Energy Star®.

How ClimaShield with Exclusive MPS Technology puts the performance in Preservation High Performance Siding

1. Individually Molded Profile.
Each ClimaShield panel is individually molded to fit the siding like hand in glove. This unique manufacturing process ensures that ClimaShield completely fills the hollow space between the wall sheathing and the siding, delivering superior impact resistance and energy-efficiency.

2. Molecular Waterproofing
Heat and pressure cross-link the polymer molecules on the surface to encase ClimaShield in high-density, waterproof skin.

3. Interlocking Weather Seal.
ClimaShield's ship-lap profile creates a complete weather seal all thaw way around each panel. As a result, your Preservation High Performance Siding will envelop your home in a blanket of comfort and energy efficiency.

4. Diamond Groove Drainage Plane.
Exclusive drainage channels direct moisture away from interior walls.

5. Perform Guard® Insect Deterrent
Nontoxic and safe to handle, this patented additive discourages termites and carpenter ants from nesting behind the siding.

A wide assortment of colors and two finishes to suit every architectural style.
Glacier White
Glacier White
Monterey Sand
Natural Linen
Natural Linen Platinum Gray
Antique Parchment
Cape Cod Gray
Adobe Cream
Adobe Cream Tuscan Clay
Mystic Blue
Adobe Cream    

Visit the Preservation Siding Collection Online


Woodland Colors
Vintage Cream*
Pebble Gray**
Victorian Gray**
Mountain Blue **
* Available Colors for 16' & 20'
** Premium Colors 25'

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ThunderBay Siding

Every Reason for making Thunder Bay your choice:

Thunder Bay now goes to even greater lengths to enhance the beauty of your home. Using 25' or 16'4" lengths requires fewer panels, resulting in fewer visible seams and saves on installation time. Long-length panels are especially advantageous for homes whose surface area is exceptionally long. This long-length advantage, coupled with Thunder Bay's other unique features, make for a panel whose performance really measures up!

  • Low-gloss rough-sewn woodgrain finish results in exquisite, freshly painted look.
  • Color-saturated, virtually maintenance-free vinyl siding.
  • Easy to install, interlocking panels for a perfectly seamless look.
Available in 13 soft everlasting shades

* Requires 50 carton order per color/profile

The color saturation process certifies color all the way through Thunder Bay's rough sewn cedar finish. This process ensures that your siding will never peel, flake or chip, remaining virtually maintenance-free for a lifetime. Vinyl siding made with Geloy® resin has exceptional durability and will retain its color and mechanical properties under long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, moisture and heat.


Titanium Premium Siding is backed by a Double Lifetime Warranty, transferable to the next homeowner, certifying that Titanium siding is completely free of manufacturer defects. You'll also gain the added peace of mind with a lifetime labor warranty from Franzoso Contracting.
    More beauty and protection:

  • Virtually seamless appearance is more aesthetically pleasing
  • 3/4" Profile for deeper, more dramatic shadow lines
  • Double Rolled Nail Hem holds the panel securely, enabling it to withstand hurricane-force winds up to 240 mph!
  • Thicker Gauge provides greater impact resistance and strength
  • Subtle, low-gloss, rough-sewn finish is virtually maintenance-free; panels won't buckle or warp


Nailite RoughSawn Cedar

Nailite makes it easy to add beauty and character to any home with RoughSawn Cedar. RoughSawn Cedar offers the rugged, weather-aged look of natural cedar and is the perfect choice for any siding application. And, like all Nailite products, it's low in maintenance.

Barn Red

Forest Green

Denim Blue

Canary Yellow

Harvest Cedar

Sunset Cedar


Desert Clay

Desert Sand

Ashwood Gray

Antique Gray

Slate Gray


Classic White
Colors may appear differently depending on
your browser settings.

The Nailite Advantage

  • Made from Polypropylene, these panels are strong and durable, offering up to three times the thickness of conventional siding.
  • UV-treated panels resist the harmful effects of the sun's rays.
  • Panels resist the elements and insects.
  • Individual matching corners complete the look.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Shaded colors available for an authentic "weathered" appearance.
  • Panels can be painted to the color of your choice.

Suggested areas of usage

Nailite's RoughSawn Cedar panels are designed for whole home coverage, or as an architectural accent to your existing siding.

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   Besides the traditional horizontal clapboard style, we also offer Cedar Impressions from the Certainteed Siding Collection. This product offers Homeowners the real look of Cedar without the maintenance.

   Created from the texture and random sizes of real cedar shingles, Cedar Impressions presents the timeless appeal of wood.

   Though Cedar Impressions looks like real wood shingles, it won't split, cup, twist or streak like real wood can. This means you can achieve the custom look of individually installed shingles and have time to sit back and enjoy your home.

   With four styles to choose from and molded from real cedar shingles, Cedar Impressions ® offers the most natural looking cedar shingle siding available without the expense and heavy maintenance of wood.

Rough Split Shakes

  • Natural cedar shake texture with a low gloss finish
  • .125" thick, durable polypropylene
  • Molded Perimeter Lock™ creates seamless appearance
  • Structural ribs provide strength and rigidity
  • 16 Colors

Half Round Shingles

  • Double 6-1/4" Style
  • Natural cedar grain texture with a low gloss finish
  • .100" thick, durable polypropylene
  • Molded Perimeter Lock™ system creates seamless appearance.
  • Structural ribs provide strength and rigidity
  • 19 Colors with a wide variety of coordinating trim

    Color Availability

Double 7" Perfection Shingles

  • Single 10" Style
  • Natural hand-split cedar texture with a low gloss finish
  • Made with patented TrueTexture™ technology
  • .050" thick, sturdy vinyl
  • Locks and laps similarly to standard vinyl siding
  • 6 Colors with a wide variety of coordinating trim

    Color Availability

Triple 5" Perfection Shingles

  • 2 Classic Styles
    - Double 7"
    - Triple 5"
  • Natural cedar grain texture with a low gloss finish
  • .100" thick, durable polypropylene
  • Molded Perimeter Lock™ creates seamless appearance
  • Structural ribs provide strength and rigidity
  • 19 colors in Double 7" and 14 colors in Triple 5" with a wide variety of coordinating trim

    Color Availability


Craftsmanship with Vinyl Carpentry™

To enhance the look of wood on your home, Cedar Impressions is complemented by a complete line of wood-like decorative trim. From counterpoises and window casings to frieze boards and gable trim, CertainTeed has replicated the look of wood so that your home will have the natural, hand-crafted appearance that we call Vinyl Carpentry™. And without the worry or expense of frequent maintenance.

Matching Mitered Cornerposts

Add a beautiful finishing touch to match your Shingle siding

5 "Exposure

9" Exposure

7 "Exposure

Cedar Impression
Color Availability
D9" Rough-Split Shakes

Sable Brown

Pacific Blue

Ivy Green

Barn Red


Granite Gray



Natural Clay

Savannah Wicker

Sterling Gray

Light Maple

Desert Tan


Sandstone Beige

Colonial White

Perfection & Half-Round Shingles

Sable Brown*

Pacific Blue*

Ivy Green*

Barn Red*


Granite Gray



Natural Clay

Savannah Wicker

Sterling Gray

Autumn Yellow

Light Maple

Desert Tan


Heritage Cream

Sandstone Beige


Colonial White

* Not available in T5" Perfection Shingles


A Faithful Reproduction
Cedar's Natural Grain

The Foundry™ products are America’s finest hand-split cedar shake replicas. More elegant and more durable than tree wood siding, its aesthetic shadow, design, and texture is unmatched by metal siding, aluminum siding, or other types of exterior vinyl siding.

Cedar vinyl siding is chosen over wood cedar siding because of its low maintenance, lower cost and greater durability. The Foundry products are a superior exterior siding product for the design of any home / house, business, office building, barn, shed, or garage.

Cedar vinyl siding is preferred over traditional cedar home siding because it adds texture, beauty and value to any house. Our decorative exterior siding offers flexibility of design not available with exterior wood siding and standard metal siding or aluminum siding.

The Foundry™ cedar vinyl siding enhances the value of both your property and your neighborhood. It is an extraordinary alternative that offers individual home distinction, creativity in decorative vinyl siding colors and detail, plus the performance benefits that all residential owners appreciate: durability, weatherability, easy cleaning in various colors, and lasting freedom from the worries of rot, termites, warping, peeling and flaking and other problems that are common with cedar house siding made from tree wood.

Decorative Shingles - Shakes - Shapes: 3 wonderful ways to
change visual proportions enhance the perception of space,
or re-direct the eye . . .



Foundry Shapes

Staggered Shakes

Available Colors

















Tropical Collection™


Key lime



Actual colors may differ from web presentation

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Another style that has become very popular is Vertical Siding. If your home was designed with vertical Tongue and Groove, Cedar or Texture 111, the look you now have can be duplicated.

For those we recommend two brands: Alcoa Lake Forest Premier ® and Variform ® Timber Oak (See Below). These two brands are the most authentic looking in the Industry, each offering their unique finish and color.


TimberOak Variform Siding

Vertical Application


Please note: Color chips are produced by a digital (web color scan) process and may vary from the actual product color.

NY New York Siding|Westchester siding|Putnam siding|Contractors|Repair|Installation|Sales|Hardiplank and Certainteed certified dealer installer

Inspired by an American legend

Norman Rockwell's illustrations defined the American dream. So colorful, so original, so timeless. A wonderful inspiration for the exteriors that now bear his name.

Deep, rich colors. Like Forest. Mahogany. And Barn Red. We've proudly painted our homes with them for generations. Now, you can enjoy the same rich colors in a low maintenance exterior.

Each ColorGuard™ color you'll find in the Norman Rockwell Siding Collection has been selected by the industry-leading color experts. The most time-tested hues. Traditional colors you'll appreciate for years to come.
So, go ahead. Dream in any color you like. There's certain to be a Norman Rockwell color to match.


The most popular profiles.
Our dutchlap and clapboard profiles give you the ability to create just the right look for your home.

The look of real wood.
Deep realistic wood grain and elegant shadow lines offer the rich look of wood without any of the maintenance. And then, of course, there's the color. The strength. And the lifetime limited warranty.

For more information visit:


Franzoso Contracting is proud to be affiliated with the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association. If you prefer natural cedar we will be happy to install it for you. Available pre-primed, factory finished or just natural, Cedar can be a nice choice for you. Whether it's Clapboard or Shake let Franzoso Contracting install your wood of choice.

For more information visit Western Red Cedar Lumber Association's web site at


James Hardie Siding is fire resistant
Because it resists swelling, James Hardi siding holds paint 3 to 4 times longer than wood.

James Hardy siding is impact resistant against hail and flying debris

James Hardie fiber-cement siding resists rotting or cracking and it resists damage from rain, hail and flying debris. Our house siding is also available pre-finished with a 15-year paint warranty. Best of all, James Hardie siding is non-combustible, with a limited, transferable warranty for up to 50 years. No wonder it's protecting over 3.5 million homes in North America alone.

Since everyone's dream home is different. That's why we offer a wide selection of exterior siding options for any home style. Choose from lap siding, shingle siding, individual shingles and siding accessories in a variety of appealing styles and colors. Our versatile product range also makes it easy to match an existing style or home siding type. So whether you're just adding on or completely re-siding, James Hardie has an option that's perfect for your home's exterior.

Your home should be as dependable as it is beautiful. That's why our siding offers the best of what vinyl and wood have to offer. James Hardie gives you low maintenance over the life of your home, but it doesn't sacrifice the charm, beauty and character of natural wood. James Hardie siding won't rot or crack. It also resists damage from rain, hail and flying debris. It can even be installed to resist hurricane-force winds. And our ColorPlus™ Collection offers pre-finished siding in a variety of attractive colors with up to a 15-year finish warranty. Perhaps the ultimate peace of mind comes from the fact that James Hardie siding products are fire resistant, with a limited transferable product warranty for up to 50 years.

Visit James Hardie fiber-cement siding for more information


CertainTeed WeatherBoards Siding features the most authentic wood grain in the industry, so you can enjoy the lasting features and handsome appearance of wood without all the upkeep.

But the real difference between CertainTeed WeatherBoards and similar products is actually in the material. It’s stronger. Built to take on the elements and then some.

• Deeper, more authentic wood grain
• A complete system of siding, decorative shapes,soffit and trim
• A variety of textures, profiles and colors to match virtually any design style

• Higher interlaminate bond strength means superior freeze/thaw protection
• FiberTect® Sealant/Primer protects against damaging moisture
• Resists everyday bumps and harmful impacts
• 50-year limited transferable warranty (see actual warranty for details and conditions)

• Consistent quality and excellent dimensional stability
• Class 1 (A) Fire Rating
• Impervious to wood-boring insects
• Resists damaging effects of salt spray and UV rays
• Will not rot

Lap Siding
Vertical Siding
Royal Suprema Infinity natural cedar clapboard shake James Hardie fiber-cement siding Nailite Cedar Impressions The Foundry specialty siding Norman Rockwell Siding Collection lap siding, shingle siding, individual shingles and siding accessories
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